Sittercity Tips: The Six Expectations Of A Sitter


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sittercity-babysitter-tipsI recommend that all parents read this Sittercity post. It’s about the six things that a sitter expects from parents but is always reluctant in saying so. I think it’s a very good reminder for all parents, especially those who make use of child care.

The Sitter Expects Us To Be On Time

This seems to be a reasonable expectation. But somehow it can be overlooked, taken for granted, or even worse, abused. In my case, I always expect the sitter to come on time. After all, I don’t want to be late for an engagement. But the same way I expect her to come on time, she expects me to do the same. That’s fair enough.

She’d Appreciate A Good Word About Her

Praises go along way and I make sure to let my sitter know how much I appreciate her. I know for a fact that when people are praised for a job well done, they come back with enough dedication and passion to do their job better. This has been my experience with Sittercity. Hence I not only praise my sitter, I also make sure I put in a good word or two for her future employers.

She’s There To Take Care Of The Kids

The CXBaby website points out that sometimes when we become too familiar with the sitter, we forget that her sole task is to take care of the kids. While the sitter may not mind doing extra tasks not related childcare, it’s a must to respect the parameters of her job description.

She Expects A Heads Up If The Kids Are Sick

I am often guilty of not informing my sitter beforehand of any lingering viruses in our house. I usually just mention it to her when she gets to the house. I have overlooked this expectation a couple of times.

The key here is consideration. It’s better to let her know ahead of time. Whether she’ll take on the job or not, it’s best to be open with her. At the same time, the sitter should also inform us if she isn’t feeling well. I don’t think any parent would like a sick sitter watching over their kids. This is also an essential tip that I found on some reviews on Sittercity.

She Expects Respect

Well, everybody deserves respect. That said, I definitely respect the person who is taking some time and patience to take of my kids. To ensure that my kids respect her as well, I take time out to brief her about my own methods of disciplining the kids. Comparing notes with the sitter is very important so that she can continue the system that my kids have been accustomed to. This won’t bring in any major changes during my absence. My kids won’t get confused and will find it easy to respect her authority.

She Expects To Be Kept In The Loop

It’s common courtesy to inform the sitter of any changes. In cases where I’m running late, I make sure to call her. Also, I also compensate the additional time she has put in. This shows how much I appreciate her. After all, she is keeping my kids safe.

If ever you decide to use Sittercity for your babysitting needs, I highly suggest that you use the latest sittercity promo code so that you can get some significant savings on your membership. A lot of parents have found the site to be very useful and also suggest that you make use of any deals that you can find in order to save you and your family some money, which I’m sure you can put into good use on other stuff for your baby or kids.

Teaching Kids The Value Of Water Conservation


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kids-water-conservationIt is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how to appreciate nature and respect the environment. No child is too young to know how much care and protection the earth needs and deserves.

At an early age, the child should be taught how to dispose of his candy wrappers properly. This is a discipline that develops into a good habit. Definitely, something the child can take to his adult years. The child becomes more sensitive to the environment. It is good to introduce this important concept at a very young age.

Another important environmental aspect a child should be aware of is water conservation. A parent can start by showing the child how to save on water. Making sure all the faucets are properly turned off is a good start. Parents should also be vocal about the repercussions of having no water. At an early age, the child should be aware of the consequences of not having the luxury of running water. Not being able to take a shower or to drink water for days is something that can be surreal to a child. But given the possibility of such situations, the child can, somehow, be more careful with the usage of water.

Other simple ways to teach a child about water conservation are as follows:

  • Making sure the water is turned off while brushing the teeth.
  • Not encouraging the child to play with water.
  • Letting the child know that water is precious that it should not be running for no reason at all.

By setting up collapsible rain barrels in the yard, the child will be able to understand the importance of catching rain water that can be used for watering the plants or cleaning the garage.

Most importantly, the parent can lead by example. By taking the lead, the child is encouraged to do the same thing. Saving water then becomes a team effort.

Water conservation is only one way of showing how to care for the environment. From this basic discipline of conserving water, a child is bound to become more aware and caring of the surroundings.

That Was Why Sittercity Was Recommended


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sittercity-highly-recommendedAre you comfortable when listening to testimonials from other mothers like yourself? It’s great to have an experienced child care provider, but it’s better when another parent finds one. That is exactly what you’ll discover in Sittercity, according to That way you clearly can identify what they did and did not really like about the person watching over their own child or kids. Your precious child is unlike any other kid; hence, the particular site easily allows you to search based on your specific requirements. You can look for sitters based on needs as well as requirements so you, finally, could find the most suitable sitter who’s right for you and the family.

At the time when I was finally fortunate to have my newborn, it was, certainly, so hard to even think about regularly leaving her with a babysitter just to return to the workplace. Good thing, a close friend recommended that I check out Sittercity so that I can hire someone to sincerely care for my precious little one every time I really needed some help. Curiously, I registered with the amazing site so that I can learn more about it right away. I pretty much took full advantage of every thing that the site had offered before making my decision. The qualification reviews, reference checks, and also face to face interview confirmed I found the one. I know that my child is in competent and caring hands when I’m away at work. I now recommend Sittercity to just about every mother I meet everyday.

According to some Sittercity reviews, not only does the site give information about the babysitters themselves by way of honest reviews, you can also have access to personal references and background evaluation. Definitely, the safety and protection of your kid is the top priority. Hence, the particular website really does everything to ensure you are comfortable with the individual you are choosing to watch the little one. If you have a child who has got special needs, you really do not need to be anxious since you can do a search for only those that could fit certain specifications. Don’t just choose at random when finally you’ve so many resources at your own fingertips.

I’m frequently asked as to where people should go to easily find a good child care provider. It is probably because I have a great one for my own young ones. It just was not by accident we had ended up hiring her right away. We heard something about Sittercity and immediately checked out their amazing website. It was incredibly so easy to sign up and to set all the parameters for the search. I had wanted a responsible, enthusiastic college student who could stay in sometimes and help with my children and with the house cleaning chores and errands. After a screening procedure, we found and met our ideal sitter. Unbelievably, the sitter search was, definitely, a smooth procedure, thanks to Sittercity’s easy to use site.

No doubt, the safety and protection of your precious little angels is Sittercity’s concern. To really make everything possible, everybody behind Sittercity mandate all the baby sitters and nannies have provided enough information about themselves on their profile page. These include introductions, certifications as well as some experiences about nannying. You can also do a background verification check with Sittercity’s partner for a very affordable one-time fee. This consultation fee is worth every penny simply because we’re referring to safety here. Lastly, you can check out all the candidates’ references and reviews from their previous clients at no cost.

So if you are interested in using Sittercity, make sure to get hold of this latest Sittercity Promo code so that you can get some savings on your membership. A lot of people find the service to be very affordable and using a promo offer does indeed sweeten the already affordable membership.

Can Medifast Help Moms Like Us Lose Weight?


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medifast-diet-reviewsA lot of you may wonder if Medifast can help moms like us lose the extra pounds that we have gained. With the abundance of success stories on the Medifast weight loss diet plan, it seems like it works for everybody. But for sure there are some who have not been successful with the Medifast program. It’s too impossible to have everybody lose weight with Medifast. So lets look at possible reasons why Medifast doesn’t work for some.

The quick start to the Medifast system entails 100% compliance to the 5 & 1 Plan. It is the 5 & 1 Plan that can make you lose weight.

“The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan creates a fat-burning state in your body while keeping you feeling full, so you can lose weight quickly while preserving muscle tissue.”

While you may think that the Medifast Plan deprives your body of food, it is actually a plan that will entail you to eat six times a day. Most definitely, you will not feel hungry any point in time. According to some Medifast reviews I came across, since the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan creates a fat-burning state in your body, you will definitely lose weight fast.

So why are there some who aren’t successful with the Medifast system? The first thing to consider is the strict compliance to the Medifast diet. With the 5 & 1 Plan you have to eat five meal replacements a day. Then you add to your five meal replacements your very own Lean and Green Meal.

“Every Lean & Green Meal includes 5 to 7 ounces of lean protein plus three servings of vegetables and up to two servings of healthy fats, depending on your lean protein choices.”

The novelty of Medifast is eating pre-packaged meal replacements five times a day and a Lean and Green meal once a day. Hence, it’s called a 5 & 1 Plan. To fully comply with the 5 & 1 Plan you would need total commitment. Oh, by the way, do not forget to use this coupon for Medifast in case you decide to go with this diet. Using coupons for Medifast is really a great way to save and jump start your weight loss journey so I suggest that you go for it.

Committing to Medifast is a life changing decision. You will see positive changes not just in your body but in your way of thinking. You will be more confident and more positive. All you really need to do is to focus on the system.

Determination also plays a big part on the success of the 5 & 1 Plan. Sticking to the meal replacements a midst the temptation around you can bring safe, quick, and positive results.

The benefits of Medifast are achievable. As long as you follow the diet program correctly, you can really drop some pounds. For some, it may be hard to follow the system. But as long as you are driven to lose weight, it can work wonders for you. It’s really up to you to make Medifast work; so choose to make it work for you.

My Positive Outlook Led Me To Lose Weight Safely


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bistro-md-diet-deliveryI was really excited to get on a healthy eating program. I knew could not rely on myself to cook healthy and great tasting meals so I finally signed up for a weight loss eating program that was recommended by savvyWP. There were a lot to choose from but I was already set on a company which I knew could deliver great tasting meals and dishes.

It was about time I sought help from a weight loss program. You see, I never really had any weight problems. I was one of the lucky ones who did not have to do much to stay slim. But as the years passed, I began to feel and see the bulges on the side. Then a photo of me said it all. I was fat and needed to lose weight. I could not delay it anymore. It would be harder to lose weight if I had gained more weight. After all, I was already in my mid forties.

So I signed up with Bistro md diet program. I decided on this instead of the Diet-to-go meal plans since the food appeared to be more delicious based on some reviews I found. I decided to take in every single snack and meal from them. I was ready to get on with my weight loss plan. I made sure to have a positive mindset on my new eating style to help me through the weight loss program.

But together with my new eating style, I also decided to get on a regular cardio workout. But I decided to do my regular workout at home. I really did not want to go to the gym as that would entail me to spend. I had a stepper that I thought could help me sweat it out. On the first two months, I was doing an hour a day on the stepper. When I got lighter from all the diet snacks and meals, I was able to ramp up my workout to two hours a day. It was a painless adjustment, I must say. I was really sweating it out. The diet snacks and meals really got me to get on a really great workout system.

I have dropped about 20 pounds already. It was not a fast weight loss for me. Since I am a middle-aged woman, the weight loss is not that quick. But I do like the consistent dropping of pounds brought about by my loyalty to the eating program and my workout at home.

I am really excited to see where I am heading. I am feeling great. The mere fact that I have taken on a healthier lifestyle means I have taken on a more positive outlook in my life.

Great Tip For Your Child’s Music Lessons From Angie’s List


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angies-list-tips-music-lessonsMusic is constant in a child’s life. From the nursery rhymes to the cartoons on the television, there’s always a cute melody of music. So how important is music in a child’s life?

TVO Parents, a web-based learning resource for parents, tackles the importance of music in a life of a child. The music experts share astounding facts.

According to Laurel Trainor, Director of McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind, music can really help kids socially and emotionally.

She adds that the kids that take formal music lessons have about three to four IQ points more. This is enough reason for any parent to think about music classes for their young children. If music is, indeed, important in a child’s life; then why not start it early?

“Young kids find music very enjoyable and probably the main thing that music is doing is helping them socially and emotionally. However, the studies do indicate that if the kids take music lessons, formal music lessons, their IQ scores are a little bit higher than the kids who don’t.”

Finding The Right Music Class For The Child

There are a lot of music classes available for young children. It’s just really a matter of choosing what kind of class is appropriate for the young child. According to HomeownersLife, to find a a good listing of all kinds of music classes for children, it’s a good idea to check out Angie’s List. After all, Angie’s List knows how important music is in the development of a child.

A Key Factor In The Development Of A Child

Music is definitely one of the key factors in a child’s development. Getting the little ones to sing and dance with other children can build confidence in an early age.

Hence, it would really be beneficial to immerse a child in music classes. This way, the child can learn to move with the rhythm at the same time, develop the muscles. But more than that, a music class provides a learning environment where the child can also have fun. For parents, this is something to really ponder on.

Things To Consider

While it’s exciting to get a child started in a musical class, there are things to consider.

Is the child ready? Can the child move around and at the same time, settle down for a couple of minutes? What’s the right size of a music class for a child? Is a 30-minute music class good enough for a child? These are just a few things to consider in choosing a musical class for the child. Needless to say, there are a lot of things to take in consideration. But where can a parent go to get the answers?

The reviews on Angie’s List can help parents choose the right music class as well. These reviews are from other parents that have already tried out the music classes. There’s definitely a lot to gain from all the reviews on Angie’s List.

A Friendly Reminder

While most parents might want to enroll their young child right away, Angie’s List recommends that parents ask for a free trial first. This is the best way for parents to see if their child is ready for such a class. It also won’t entail any cost. By the way, feel free to use this promo code Angies List so that you can get some savings on this great home and family resource.

Music is, indeed, important in a child’s life. But knowing when to start the child in music classes is also an important factor. Furthermore, choosing the right music class is another important thing to consider. It’s a good thing that there’s Angie’s List to help parents get their kids on the right musical path.