Teaching Kids The Value Of Water Conservation


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kids-water-conservationIt is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how to appreciate nature and respect the environment. No child is too young to know how much care and protection the earth needs and deserves.

At an early age, the child should be taught how to dispose of his candy wrappers properly. This is a discipline that develops into a good habit. Definitely, something the child can take to his adult years. The child becomes more sensitive to the environment. It is good to introduce this important concept at a very young age.

Another important environmental aspect a child should be aware of is water conservation. A parent can start by showing the child how to save on water. Making sure all the faucets are properly turned off is a good start. Parents should also be vocal about the repercussions of having no water. At an early age, the child should be aware of the consequences of not having the luxury of running water. Not being able to take a shower or to drink water for days is something that can be surreal to a child. But given the possibility of such situations, the child can, somehow, be more careful with the usage of water.

Other simple ways to teach a child about water conservation are as follows:

  • Making sure the water is turned off while brushing the teeth.
  • Not encouraging the child to play with water.
  • Letting the child know that water is precious that it should not be running for no reason at all.

By setting up collapsible rain barrels in the yard, the child will be able to understand the importance of catching rain water that can be used for watering the plants or cleaning the garage.

Most importantly, the parent can lead by example. By taking the lead, the child is encouraged to do the same thing. Saving water then becomes a team effort.

Water conservation is only one way of showing how to care for the environment. From this basic discipline of conserving water, a child is bound to become more aware and caring of the surroundings.

Precious Bonding Time With My Daughter


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reading-to-daughterChildren grow up so fast that we, parents, try to spend as much time with them. I often look at my daughter and wonder how fast time flies. Each night I put her to bed, I kiss her and treasure the moment.

One of my many favorite moments with my daughter is at night when I read her bedtime stories. Every night, I make it a point to read her bedtime stories. I think ther is a precious and worthwhile bonding activity between me and my daughter.

I started reading to my daughter the moment I knew she was inside me. But when she turned two years old, she started to really show fascination with words and pictures. She just loved all the words and how they were describing the colorful photos in the books. At that point, I knew her imagination was at work. Her eyes would be bright from curiosity and she would make happy sounds. But far from just imparting stories, I somehow know that my effort to read to her can possibly open avenues of emotional, intellectual, and social stability.

Now at six years old, I still read her stories every night. One of the most rewarding benefits of reading to my daughter is manifested in her academic performance. According to her preschool teacher, she has developed a higher aptitude for learning. Her interest in reading has gotten her to appreciate books. So whether she is reading a math or science book, the curiosity is always there as she knows there is always a story. Evidently, her comprehension increases and abstract thinking is developed.

Her communication skills are also quite advanced. In my opinion, this is, again, another benefit from our regular bedtime activity. I noticed that at a young age, she learned to confidently express herself through words and expressions. By learning about the different characters in the stories, she appreciated the  interaction through verbal exchanges.

I read somewhere that the child’s imagination is heightened by reading books. Through words and photos, the child is taken to different places and introduced to colorful characters. At the same time, their minds can travel and create pictures on how things may look, feel, and sound.

I know I have a long way to go as a parent. Nonetheless, I am very happy to see how my daughter is enjoying our moments together. Not only that our bond is strengthened, she is also developing a deep appreciation for books. In this time and age where everything is digital, I really want my daughter to appreciate the pages of a book. I will surely continue to read to my daughter until the time comes when she actually enjoys a good book on her own.

Journaling: Great Way To Share Thoughts With The Kids


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child-writing-journalOne of the advantages of waking up early is having more time for myself. I love getting up before sunrise so that I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and browse through my email or the internet.

In one of my early morning internet browsings, I came across a video (scroll down this article) that gave me a wonderful idea. Well actually the idea isn’t new. Journaling has been around ever since. In my days, I called it a diary.

I remember writing in my a diary every single night. My thoughts, my experiences, my anxieties for the day were all recorded vividly. Keeping a diary was like having a secret friend that couldn’t talk back and that felt good. I remember looking forward to writing all about my day.

But the thoughts I had written down were just for me to keep. I had never shared any of them with my mom or with anybody at all. What’s new about the idea of journaling is the fact that I can share it with my kids. Sommer Poquette, blogger and mom of two, shares the concept behind this particular kind of journaling.

“I want to be able to communicate with them using pictures and writing letters and telling stories and have a collection of these notebooks and journals throughout the years.”

This, I thought, was a fantastic idea. It can really create and develop a good communication line between the child and the parent. Sommer describes how the kids can share their thoughts with journaling.

“They know they can always come to me and I can record special things and special memories in the journal and share with them my thoughts and feelings.”

A Fantastic Idea

Journaling is a fantastic idea. It’s also a very affordable past time activity because all it really entails is a notebook. But more than that, journaling can really encourage me and my kids to communicate freely. My kids and I can express our thoughts and feelings.

Although my kids cannot write yet, I can start them out by scribbling something in their own notebooks. This can really start out the habit of writing, something a lot of kids nowadays don’t do much.

“In the day and age where technology is a way which our children are communicating with us … emails, text messages, Facebook, Tweets; I wanted to be able to teach my children that they can still hand write notes to people. They can practice their handwriting and this is something that we can have to remember and cherish by.”

Making Great Memories Day By Day

My kids and I are slowly making some memories. Although, they have been scribbling in return, I have written some short mommy notes for them. I can’t wait until they can actually read and write.

Journaling is one great idea that came to me in the waking silence of an early morning sunrise. I can’t wait for another morning to come.