Precious Bonding Time With My Daughter


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reading-to-daughterChildren grow up so fast that we, parents, try to spend as much time with them. I often look at my daughter and wonder how fast time flies. Each night I put her to bed, I kiss her and treasure the moment.

One of my many favorite moments with my daughter is at night when I read her bedtime stories. Every night, I make it a point to read her bedtime stories. I think ther is a precious and worthwhile bonding activity between me and my daughter.

I started reading to my daughter the moment I knew she was inside me. But when she turned two years old, she started to really show fascination with words and pictures. She just loved all the words and how they were describing the colorful photos in the books. At that point, I knew her imagination was at work. Her eyes would be bright from curiosity and she would make happy sounds. But far from just imparting stories, I somehow know that my effort to read to her can possibly open avenues of emotional, intellectual, and social stability.

Now at six years old, I still read her stories every night. One of the most rewarding benefits of reading to my daughter is manifested in her academic performance. According to her preschool teacher, she has developed a higher aptitude for learning. Her interest in reading has gotten her to appreciate books. So whether she is reading a math or science book, the curiosity is always there as she knows there is always a story. Evidently, her comprehension increases and abstract thinking is developed.

Her communication skills are also quite advanced. In my opinion, this is, again, another benefit from our regular bedtime activity. I noticed that at a young age, she learned to confidently express herself through words and expressions. By learning about the different characters in the stories, she appreciated the  interaction through verbal exchanges.

I read somewhere that the child’s imagination is heightened by reading books. Through words and photos, the child is taken to different places and introduced to colorful characters. At the same time, their minds can travel and create pictures on how things may look, feel, and sound.

I know I have a long way to go as a parent. Nonetheless, I am very happy to see how my daughter is enjoying our moments together. Not only that our bond is strengthened, she is also developing a deep appreciation for books. In this time and age where everything is digital, I really want my daughter to appreciate the pages of a book. I will surely continue to read to my daughter until the time comes when she actually enjoys a good book on her own.