Privacy Policy

I understand that you want to protect your privacy. I guarantee you that I will do just that. My Privacy Policy will explain the following:

• The kind of personal information collected;
• How it is collected; and
• How it is protected.

I can really do without your personal information. You have the right to visit my website anonymously so long as you comply with my terms and conditions.

However, it is inevitable that certain personal details of yours are revealed. These are the IP address of your computer and your email address.

An email address doesn’t sound as strange as an IP address. Everybody has an email address these days. But I’m sure you are wondering what an IP address is. Every kind of computer, gadget, or device has an IP address. This is the number that is visible every time your computer, gadget, or device is connected online. So if you think you’re invisible online, you actually aren’t. Your identity is identified by your IP address.

Your IP address can reveal a lot about you. It can show exactly where you are and what internet network you are using. From your IP address, your physical address, name, mobile number, and even your credit card number can be traced. There’s just no doubt that your IP address is loaded with personal details that can expose your identity online.

This is something we all should know about, especially now that we do a lot of activities online.

There are various ways to collect these personal details of yours. Firstly, I am able to gather your IP address when you post a comment on my website. But don’t be too complacent because even if you don’t post a comment, I can still see your IP address. Thanks to the cookies, which are most likely enabled in your settings, I can still get hold of your IP address.

I highly recommend that you clear out your cookies so that you can protect your privacy. I also promise you that I will never do anything to reveal whatever personal details are collected by None of your email and IP addresses will ever be exposed or shared with anyone.