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angies-list-tips-music-lessonsMusic is constant in a child’s life. From the nursery rhymes to the cartoons on the television, there’s always a cute melody of music. So how important is music in a child’s life?

TVO Parents, a web-based learning resource for parents, tackles the importance of music in a life of a child. The music experts share astounding facts.

According to Laurel Trainor, Director of McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind, music can really help kids socially and emotionally.

She adds that the kids that take formal music lessons have about three to four IQ points more. This is enough reason for any parent to think about music classes for their young children. If music is, indeed, important in a child’s life; then why not start it early?

“Young kids find music very enjoyable and probably the main thing that music is doing is helping them socially and emotionally. However, the studies do indicate that if the kids take music lessons, formal music lessons, their IQ scores are a little bit higher than the kids who don’t.”

Finding The Right Music Class For The Child

There are a lot of music classes available for young children. It’s just really a matter of choosing what kind of class is appropriate for the young child. According to HomeownersLife, to find a a good listing of all kinds of music classes for children, it’s a good idea to check out Angie’s List. After all, Angie’s List knows how important music is in the development of a child.

A Key Factor In The Development Of A Child

Music is definitely one of the key factors in a child’s development. Getting the little ones to sing and dance with other children can build confidence in an early age.

Hence, it would really be beneficial to immerse a child in music classes. This way, the child can learn to move with the rhythm at the same time, develop the muscles. But more than that, a music class provides a learning environment where the child can also have fun. For parents, this is something to really ponder on.

Things To Consider

While it’s exciting to get a child started in a musical class, there are things to consider.

Is the child ready? Can the child move around and at the same time, settle down for a couple of minutes? What’s the right size of a music class for a child? Is a 30-minute music class good enough for a child? These are just a few things to consider in choosing a musical class for the child. Needless to say, there are a lot of things to take in consideration. But where can a parent go to get the answers?

The reviews on Angie’s List can help parents choose the right music class as well. These reviews are from other parents that have already tried out the music classes. There’s definitely a lot to gain from all the reviews on Angie’s List.

A Friendly Reminder

While most parents might want to enroll their young child right away, Angie’s List recommends that parents ask for a free trial first. This is the best way for parents to see if their child is ready for such a class. It also won’t entail any cost. By the way, feel free to use this promo code Angies List so that you can get some savings on this great home and family resource.

Music is, indeed, important in a child’s life. But knowing when to start the child in music classes is also an important factor. Furthermore, choosing the right music class is another important thing to consider. It’s a good thing that there’s Angie’s List to help parents get their kids on the right musical path.