Sittercity Tips: The Six Expectations Of A Sitter


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sittercity-babysitter-tipsI recommend that all parents read this Sittercity post. It’s about the six things that a sitter expects from parents but is always reluctant in saying so. I think it’s a very good reminder for all parents, especially those who make use of child care.

The Sitter Expects Us To Be On Time

This seems to be a reasonable expectation. But somehow it can be overlooked, taken for granted, or even worse, abused. In my case, I always expect the sitter to come on time. After all, I don’t want to be late for an engagement. But the same way I expect her to come on time, she expects me to do the same. That’s fair enough.

She’d Appreciate A Good Word About Her

Praises go along way and I make sure to let my sitter know how much I appreciate her. I know for a fact that when people are praised for a job well done, they come back with enough dedication and passion to do their job better. This has been my experience with Sittercity. Hence I not only praise my sitter, I also make sure I put in a good word or two for her future employers.

She’s There To Take Care Of The Kids

The CXBaby website points out that sometimes when we become too familiar with the sitter, we forget that her sole task is to take care of the kids. While the sitter may not mind doing extra tasks not related childcare, it’s a must to respect the parameters of her job description.

She Expects A Heads Up If The Kids Are Sick

I am often guilty of not informing my sitter beforehand of any lingering viruses in our house. I usually just mention it to her when she gets to the house. I have overlooked this expectation a couple of times.

The key here is consideration. It’s better to let her know ahead of time. Whether she’ll take on the job or not, it’s best to be open with her. At the same time, the sitter should also inform us if she isn’t feeling well. I don’t think any parent would like a sick sitter watching over their kids. This is also an essential tip that I found on some reviews on Sittercity.

She Expects Respect

Well, everybody deserves respect. That said, I definitely respect the person who is taking some time and patience to take of my kids. To ensure that my kids respect her as well, I take time out to brief her about my own methods of disciplining the kids. Comparing notes with the sitter is very important so that she can continue the system that my kids have been accustomed to. This won’t bring in any major changes during my absence. My kids won’t get confused and will find it easy to respect her authority.

She Expects To Be Kept In The Loop

It’s common courtesy to inform the sitter of any changes. In cases where I’m running late, I make sure to call her. Also, I also compensate the additional time she has put in. This shows how much I appreciate her. After all, she is keeping my kids safe.

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