Teaching Kids The Value Of Water Conservation


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kids-water-conservationIt is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how to appreciate nature and respect the environment. No child is too young to know how much care and protection the earth needs and deserves.

At an early age, the child should be taught how to dispose of his candy wrappers properly. This is a discipline that develops into a good habit. Definitely, something the child can take to his adult years. The child becomes more sensitive to the environment. It is good to introduce this important concept at a very young age.

Another important environmental aspect a child should be aware of is water conservation. A parent can start by showing the child how to save on water. Making sure all the faucets are properly turned off is a good start. Parents should also be vocal about the repercussions of having no water. At an early age, the child should be aware of the consequences of not having the luxury of running water. Not being able to take a shower or to drink water for days is something that can be surreal to a child. But given the possibility of such situations, the child can, somehow, be more careful with the usage of water.

Other simple ways to teach a child about water conservation are as follows:

  • Making sure the water is turned off while brushing the teeth.
  • Not encouraging the child to play with water.
  • Letting the child know that water is precious that it should not be running for no reason at all.

By setting up collapsible rain barrels in the yard, the child will be able to understand the importance of catching rain water that can be used for watering the plants or cleaning the garage.

Most importantly, the parent can lead by example. By taking the lead, the child is encouraged to do the same thing. Saving water then becomes a team effort.

Water conservation is only one way of showing how to care for the environment. From this basic discipline of conserving water, a child is bound to become more aware and caring of the surroundings.